Daddy We Adore You Magnet Photo Frame Decoration


For example Happy Father’s Day Daddy Love Sam & ben

Daddy We Adore You Magnet Photo Frame Decoration


This has to be the most adorable frame decoration EVER!

Our Daddy We Adore You Magnet Frame Decoration is ideal for a very special Daddy or Grandad ….A beautiful keepsake gift from very special children or grandchildren.

Treat them on their Birthday, Father’s Day or just to send an I Love You!


When we grow up
we want to be just like you
You’re brave and strong
and amazing at everything you do
You are our superhero the man that Mummy adores
and even though we’re little
we know we are lucky to be yours
Our footsteps may be tiny
and you’re so big and smart
but already we know that we love you
with all our hearts
This cute ply frame is a beautiful way to capture those very precious photographs.


ATTACH YOUR OWN PHOTOGRAPH to the reverse with the sticky fixers attached and mount on your chosen surface with the magnets attached.

*Please note this is a frame DECORATION not a full photo frame it is intended to be attached to a surface via the magnets attached.